Chris Packham wants to ban mousetraps & class mice as wildlife not vermin… – The US Sun

CHRIS Packham wants mouse glue traps outlawed — saying rodents should be classed as wildlife not vermin.

The TV naturalist says pest controllers should be licensed to use them only in extreme circumstances.


Chris Packham, 60, wants mouse glue traps to be banned and for the rodents to be classified as wildlife not verminCredit: Solent


Mouse glue traps are sold widely in DIY and corner shops, as well as onlineCredit: Alamy

His proposal goes further than legislation before Parliament today.

It proposes only a ban on general sale of the 99p traps which leave animals to die slowly, stuck on their adhesive surfaces.

Springwatch presenter Chris, 60, told The Sun the traps were “indiscriminately cruel”.

He added: “Labelling mice as pests is basically a licence to kill and inflict suffering on them.

“So I’d love us to rethink rodents.”

Glue traps are sold widely in DIY and corner shops, as well as online.

The proposed law will let pest controllers carry on using them — but anyone else doing so faces up to six months in jail.

Chris, backed by animal rights groups, wants an outright ban like that in New Zealand.

There, pest controllers can apply for a licence to use the traps in exceptional cases. Just two were granted last year.

The RSPCA warns the proposed law protects only mice and rats so the traps could still be used on other wildlife.

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